Beginning a New Chapter

It’s time for the next chapter….. In June 2017 we left Palisade, CO with everything we owned packed inside of our 45 ft. “home”.  We traveled almost constantly the first year, then we learned that traveling every week or two weeks was exhausting!  So, we slowed down and began spending 2-4 weeks in locations that we had… Continue reading Beginning a New Chapter


2020 – Highs and Lows Beyond the Pandemic

Wow… the last time I wrote in the blog was October 2019.  I haven’t felt much like writing the blog.  No particular reason, just life and being preoccupied and just not feeling like “writing”.  Now, I need to write. I need to express emotions that are so strong I just can’t contain them! First, let me catch everyone… Continue reading 2020 – Highs and Lows Beyond the Pandemic